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Network Hub and Cable


Dedicated services are custom designed circuits for the individual needs of larger offices and locations that require more data and faster download/upload speeds.

This Business Premium plan includes:

  • Fiber optic-like service at lower installation costs  

  • Dedicated speeds separate from the shared network

  • Traffic, Repair and Support priority

  • Unlimited bandwidth traffic and usage

  • Lower latency, higher speeds, and greater reliability than copper T1 Lines

  • Redundant circuits available

  • Custom onsite point to point provisioning

Dedicated Services: About


Low Latency
No Data Overages
Taxes & Fees Included
No Lock-In Contract
No Modem Rental or Purchase Fee
Mendo/Lake Locally Owned & Operated


What if I don't like it? We are confident you will love our internet service as much as we do!  To prove it, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for locations with Standard Service & Standard Installations.


Standard Installation Fee is $99.99 and $25 Activation Fee. This covers the labor for the installation of the modem directly to the building on a standard bracket and 50' of cable to your demarcation point.  Additional Fees may apply for any work beyond the standard installation.


Distance, interference, and other factors can affect the speeds available at your location.  Schedule a free site survey to determine what speeds you can expect.  Every plan is allotted an amount of high speed bandwidth then is switched to standard bandwidth for unlimited data.   Contact us to find a plan that will meet your needs!

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